Why is SEO important for your Business? What is SEO?

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Quickly, What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your website rank better for appropriate search queries to drive more traffic to the site, quantitatively & qualitatively. All the efforts that one puts in to bring quality traffic into the website come collectively under SEO. SEO is the key that’s responsible for more visibility of your business in Organic Search Results. Let’s dive in right away to know why SEO is important for your business and how SEO services are budget-friendly these days!

Some Important Components of SEO

SEO is broadly classified into Tech SEO, On-Page, and Off-Page SEO. Both have a series of practices to be performed to achieve the attention of the Search Engine. However, there are a few terms that will be most heard in the world of SEO. they are given as follows:

  • On-Page SEO:

The practice of optimizing the elements that are present on the page(as the name suggests) is known as On-Page SEO. The first and foremost focus while getting started on on-page optimization is to optimize the Title and Meta Description of all the pages of the website. Rules such as incorporating Focus Keyword and maintaining the character limit are inevitable

The same applies to every other part of the content that the page holds. Right from the headings to the bottom-most content, there must be nothing but any form of quality content that offers value. Speaking of headings, the H1 tag plays a major role in determining the quality of the page by search engines

  • Technical SEO:

This part of SEO works with search engine crawlers. Crawlers are the bots that work for search engines to scan our site to know what the site is about and how to index it accordingly

Thus, Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your site to facilitate the crawling process smoothly for the search engines to interpret & understand your site better

  • Off-Page SEO:

The efforts that are put in for promoting the blog organically comes under off-page SEO. Off-Page includes building backlinks majorly. This is because backlinks convince the search engines that your site is important to others on the web. Therefore, the quality & relevancy of the site is estimated high by the search engines

Always remember, Quality > Quantity

  • Black Hat Vs. White Hat SEO:

This is more of a bad guy vs good guy situation. Black Hat SEO is the practice of following unethical practices to rank better at a quicker pace. While this could bring a quick result, it will not be long-lived and when the crawler finds out, the site will be banned from the search engine.

So, it’s always recommended to follow the best practices to go straight and steady in the SEO game

  • Impact of Content:

Digital Marketers can never get tired of saying (or preaching?) that “Content is the King!” Quality content attracts more audiences to your website and will make them perform actions on the site. Not just that, good content will always help your website rank better. Content is the key to establish the importance of SEO

Let’s talk some numbers!

“Do you know that only 0.78% of users click on results on the 2nd-page of a search engine?

This data from Backlinko depicts the volume of clicks happening in the first-page search results. Also, the mighty SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media, and SEO has a 14.6% closing rate. These numbers say a lot about the Importance of SEO by implementing the best practices to their website

Why SEO is absolutely important?

Sure, the end goal of SEO is to drive more traffic to your site. But is that all? No. SEO has its lineup of benefits that could be exploited. Below given are some of the key benefits that one could get as a result of implementing SEO.

  • SEO serves a Long Run of Benefits

Unlike paid marketing, the benefits offered by SEO are not short-lived. Being an organic way of marketing, the results help your business in the long run by reflecting themselves in SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Although, one must never forget that SEO is a long process. It takes around 6–12 months to reflect and the process should always be continued to see their page in SERPs

  • Lends a helping hand on a tight budget

SEO never costs you as much as you spend on paid marketing. SEO services are budget-friendly too from a good digital marketing firm these days. Also, spending money on SEO is more like a worthy Investment cause it’ll earn more for you when done right. Almost 200% ROI (Return on Investment) can be acquired by spending on SEO

If you’re just getting started in the business world, this is one of the key reasons for Why SEO is important for your business

  • To be in sync with the user’s thought process

UX and SEO work hand-in-hand. You may wonder how… let us explain. UX is all about making users happy and so is SEO. One must put themselves in the user’s shoes to design a user-friendly UX. Similarly, an SEO expert puts himself in the user’s shoes to determine how their searches will be and what they expect on the page they land

By doing so, the user’s mind can be read and the content can be drafted to attract more users. This thereby brings in more users organically that in turn increases your closing rate

  • Become Google’s Best Bud

Everyone wants to rank on the 1st page of the search results, owing to the obvious reasons. But not everyone is ready to do what it takes to be on the 1st page

With almost 91% of the internet relying on google for their daily search needs, everyone undoubtedly wants to abide by google’s algorithm

Google understands how users behave and judges every site accordingly. So favourable and unfavourable conditions are well understood by google to provide user-friendly and the most relevant results to the users

By following the guidelines of Google, one can make their way to the 1st page and thrive in their business by doing so

  • Users tend to put their trust in you

And when users see you on the 1st page of google’s search results, you could see the surge in the number of users visiting your page

This is mainly because the users put their trust in google to show only appropriate search results. As we already discussed, 98%+ traffic does not even consider moving to page 2. So, the story doesn’t have a happy ending by making it to 1st-page. Maintaining such high standards in providing relevant, quality content and great UX are also very crucial

  • Go Local — Win Clicks, Win Customers!

Local SEO strategies can make you popular in your locality. When this is done properly, your business advances to its next step in terms of brand identity as well as revenue. Increased foot traffic can be obtained when relevant search terms draw in online traffic. More and more locales will find the physical location of your business for your products/services

Small businesses can get benefits when the right strings are pulled in implementing local SEO strategies. Some of the benefits include Higher rankings, strong local community outreach, increased local customer acquisition, better brand value, etc

Don’t have a website? You can still have an online presence for your business by having a google my business page. However, optimizing it with the right keywords and business details is crucial. Also, a strong map presence of your business is very important

And how can you get these benefits?

  • Follow Best SEO Practices

Invest both your time and money into best practices in SEO and it will pay off over time. Following the best practices when it comes to SEO is laying the foundation for advanced SEO strategies that would be built over it in the future. Certain unsaid rules must be blindly followed and they are,

  1. Always write a unique title & meta description with the target keyword in it
  2. Never overlook the mobile traffic
  3. Always optimize the page loading speed (keep an eye to make sure it is within 3 seconds as google recommends)
  4. Don’t forget to optimize the Alt text of the images
  5. Never skip on having internal links (helps crawlers understand your site better)
  6. Focus on authoritative backlinks (Never buy them)
  7. Use long-format content with the right density of keywords (Keyword stuffing? nuh-uh)
  8. Do not skip the technical SEO part

Also, Never opt for the shortcut when it comes to SEO aka Blackhat SEO

  • Never underestimate Backlinks

Backlinks are a very important part of your SEO strategy. But, there’s a wide misconception that the quantity of backlinks is important. One could not be more wrong. Backlinks are always about quality over quantity. It’s the way other websites tell google that your site is relevant and will offer value to the users

When other websites link to your pages, it is known as an Inbounds link to your website. It is only valuable when a quality website that has high domain authority and is relevant links to you. Outbound links are when you link from your site to others. This should also be done in moderation

  • Keep an eye open for Google’s updates

Do you know that Google updates its search algorithm almost 500–600 times a year?

Yes, you heard it right. But before you could get overwhelmed with that data, let us calm you down. Most of them are insignificant to get picked up by the users nor your existing SEO strategies, a digital marketer needs to keep an eye on google’s algorithm updates

This way, you not just help the site rank better but can also be precautious in avoiding any penalties by making changes before Google notices

  • Utilize the best SEO tools in the market

There are innumerous SEO tools on the web. By choosing the right tools to implement your SEO strategies and to track their performance, you can make the most out of it. While most of the tools are free, some tools offer extra for premium subscriptions. Regardless, SEO tools and plug-ins are always highly recommended to effectively make use of SEO

Some of the most efficient tools/plugins are:

  1. Moz
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Ahrefs
  5. Semrush
  • Patience! Patience! Patience!

SEO is a slow and steady game. It takes quite a few months for your efforts to reflect on the results page. However, the results are long-lasting as long as you continue to work on the page’s SEO. The more time, budget, and effort you spend on SEO, the more benefits you reap out of it that stands for a long time in the market

  • Hire an Experienced SEO Expert to kickstart your business:

With such invaluable benefits that come along by implementing SEO, Get started by hiring an SEO expert or avail services from a digital marketing agency that knows what they’re doing. It requires a lot of skill and experience for one to master SEO and that person is who you need to upsurge your revenue, organically!

With that being said, the importance of SEO for any business should be loud and clear now. Go digital & Win your customers, Now!

Our team of marketing experts is ready to help you identify your business goals and assist you with our competent strategies to reach them. Contact us and let’s kickstart your business towards great heights on your budget!



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