Top 9 UX UI Trends for 2022

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No matter how good a product is, it will not stand out if it has an outdated design. Users get the impression that the product or website is inactive because of the outdated design. Following the latest trends will help your product or website stand out and provide a better user experience.

Let’s have a look at some UX UI trends to follow in 2022.

UX UI trends of 2022

  • Immersive Experience

The immersive experience immerses the user in the design, resulting in a far better user experience with the application or website. Over the years, many large big companies have implemented this trend.

Netflix lets you preview the movie or series which gives you an immersive experience of the movie or series itself, which also helps you decide whether you need to watch it or not.

Tik Tok does not want to waste a single pixel on the screen, thus it displays the videos on the entire screen, creating an immersive experience.

  • Absurd Illustrations

Illustrations are always the best visual representation of the design; they do not have to express the exact meaning of the design; they may be less generic and yet be a good design, such as the absurd illustrations, another UX UI trend for 2022 which is more creative and modern.

Mailchimp implemented this trend while rebranding and had been successful.

The pure dating application is another perfect example of how this trend has been executed in an enjoyable way.

  • Login without password

Don’t nudge the users by asking passwords every time which they forget and reset often. Instead, use ID verification such as fingerprint and face ID. Which is more convenient and will make your user’s experience more fluid and friction-free.

  • Scrollytelling

People barely read web pages word by word. On the average Web page, users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely. So how can you keep the user engaged? Say Hello to scroll telling, the latest UX UI trend which is the best and unique technique to keep the user engaged and convey the message dynamically. As the user scrolls over the webpage, Scrollytelling reveals the content one by one.

Apple uses scroll telling to display their product features which will keep you engaged till the end of the page. It takes both designing and storytelling skills to implement this trend which will be worth the time spent on it.

  • Micro interaction

It is micro but the impact is huge. Micro interaction provides users with visual feedback on their actions, making the interaction more fascinating and the product more lively. Such tiny little details make the design stand out from the rest of the products.

  • Personalized Experience

“One size doesn’t fit all” — Each user has a different choice for a category, artist, topic, etc., hence the design must be personalizable by the user. The same content for all users may bore them and lead them to abandon the product eventually.

Based on the problem you are solving, let the user personalize their own content like Spotify lets the user choose their preferred genre and artists and suggest songs tailored uniquely for each user.

Or personalize the experience depending on user activities and recommend material based on their preferences, making the product more personalized for each user.

  • Vivid color

Colors are the basic elements of design, each color has a different meaning to it. Using a vibrant color scheme gives an energetic feeling to the product or website which is being used as a trend recently, this latest UX UI trend can be applied in different components and can create an aesthetically pleasing design.

Here are a few examples of good usage of the vibrant color scheme in design.


Source-Transform 21–22

  • Voice user interface

Voice-activated interface allows users to interact with the product using speech has become one of the UX trends as it makes the user experience better and opens the door to accessibility.

Around 71% of the users prefer to use a voice interface to typing. The evolution of voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant has paved the way for the voice user interface as they are more accurate too. So include a voice user interface in design as a best practice.

Final Thoughts

Of course, design is about solving user problems but keeping up to date with the current trend is as important as solving the problem itself. These latest UX UI trends also improve the user experience and conversion rate, so keep in mind to keep your product or website simple and enjoyable to the users. If you’re not sure how to implement these trends to your product to keep it updated and the user experience smooth, reach out to us at to assist you with product design. If you’d like to add any trend to the list drop it in the comment box

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