The journey of the customer starts way before they onboard and continuous even after they leave. We can divide the journey into 3 major parts: Presales, Sales, and being a customer. Mapping the customer journey will help you in identifying the customer pain points, opportunities to increase customer engagement, and help in providing an optimal experience.

Defining the scope of work & goal

The first most important step for an expected outcome would be defining the scope and goal. …

What is a Dashboard?

Dashboards are the comprehensive overview of data that represents the goals of the business and the results that have been achieved. This at-a-glance graphical interface is a commonly used data visualization platform to get quick insights on required data.

Before knowing how to implement an effective Dashboard UX Design, one must get familiar with the benefits that it holds:

Benefits of a Dashboard:

  • For effective Forecasting: With the data presented by the dashboard, businesses can make the right predictions about the demand that could be there in the future, thereby, getting them prepared, beforehand.
  • To Improve Decision-Making process: With great data insights comes the…

Designing an E-learning app in 2021 — Education App Design
Designing an E-learning app in 2021 — Education App Design

UX design is essential in ensuring optimum user experience, especially in Edtech products and services. This is why UX designers’ primary goal is to answer the pain points of users to make the products and services attractive to them. However, how exactly do they do that? In this article, we will be discussing how UX design attracts remote learners, what exactly is UX design and E-Learning app design?

What is UX Design?

Before discussing how the UX designers attract the attention of Remote learners, let us first establish what exactly is UX design, to begin with. Often, UX design is a term used interchangeably…

Digital Marketing for SaaS? Here are 7 Effective Strategies

There was a time when digital marketing for SaaS businesses didn’t use to be essential at all, and selling software products was quite easy.

In the early days, all that the tech-experts had to do was create something that solves customers’ problems, demonstrate its benefits, and done! SaaS product sold without having to develop a complete digital marketing strategy!

However, things have changed a lot in the past years. The tech market has grown significantly and quite rapidly, leading to increased competition and a dire need for a proper marketing plan.

In other words, if you happen to own a…

No matter what the product is, the ultimate entity that decides how well the product is received is, “User Experience”. The designer takes up the ultimate responsibility of planning the depiction of the product. And, the success of the product is achieved when the user comes back to it again and again. Moving forward, let’s know more about the UX Strategies for User Retention.

Firstly, What is User Retention?

The evaluation of how many users return to use the product again is known as Retention. Retention is considered as the key factor that indicates the real value provided to the customer. A great design not…

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